Boost your metabolism*

Helps to speed up your metabolism naturally.*

Promotes calories burning*

Helps your body to use fat for energy*

Increases your energy*

Boosts your energy levels.*

Look and feel your best.

Dietary supplement powder

Slim by Giovegen® combines high quality ingredients with the perfect formulation, to boost your weight loss reduction*.


  • Raspberry Ketones. It stimulates lipolysis: the breakdown of fat cells through a hormone that regulates metabolism.
  • Garcinia cambogia. Contains Hydroxycitric Acid, which stimulates the use of fat as an energy source and inhibits the formation of new fatty tissue.
  • Green Coffee. It has a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, a stimulant of lipid metabolism that reduces the synthesis of visceral fat, cholesterol and fatty acids.
  • Green Tea. Its high concentration of catechins reduce the intestinal absorption of lipids, preventing the accumulation of fats.
  • Guarana.It has a high concentration of caffeine, so it can reduce appetite, stimulate metabolism and trigger thermogenesis, contributing to the burning of calories.
  • Bitter Orange. Its peel has high concentrations of hesperidin, a bioflavonoid that regulates the creation of fatty tissue and stimulates thermogenesis.
  • Arabic Gum.It is a prebiotic that helps improve intestinal transit and increases the feeling of satiety, reducing caloric intake.

How to use

Pour one packet a day in a glass full of water, stir until completely dissolved. Drink completely. Take it with breakfast or meals.

Flavor: Berries


Supplement Facts

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One box contains 30 packets. Lasts 30 days.

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