Who we are

From the beginning

Founded in 2016 by food engineers Pedro Della Bosca, Hernán Rohak, and Phd in dermatology María Jose Pelli, Suppler Labs® is one of the biggest collagen based supplements laboratory in South America. Today we have grown into one of the largest supplements manufacturers in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay with three different brands, and we are actually introducing our brands in the USA, Spain, Colombia and Uruguay.

Our first brand was Suppler®, which is sold only through aesthetics professionals and dermatologist. Having support from doctors and surgeons was one of the keys of our success. Then we expanded into retail market with Giovegen®, creating a product for different aspects of people’s life. Finally we dediced to do something to helps our little friends, pets, so we launched Beautipet® creating the first collagen supplement brand in South America.

Suppler Labs® continues expanding it’s portfolio of new and innovative health products, always prioritizing quality, bioavailability and real improvements in people’s life. 

Our values

Since day one, a single idea has defined our brand. And that’s the belief that through supplementation people can live a better life. Supplements are not only for those who make high intensity workouts, or want to achieve a specific goal. Supplements are the main tool to live a longer and healthier life, and nowadays, where food is highly processed, meats, fruits and vegetables don’t have same quantity and quality of nutrients as many decades before,  it’s almost a requirement for everyone to take supplements to palliate nutritional deficiences. For this reason we understand how important is to create high quality, with the highest bioavailability, good tasting supplements for everyone.

Commited to quality

Creating high quality supplements, requires commitment at every stage of manufacturing process. From formulation, the selection of the raw materials, quality checks, to manufacturing in a GMP, HACCP and Gluten free certified in-house facility. And that’s just the beginning. From laboratory to shelf, we’re committed to best-in-class manufacturing processes, guaranteed purity, potency and traceability of every product.

To know more about us visit www.supplerlabs.com