Green coffee: antioxidant, antibacterial and fat-burner?

It´s evident that when choosing a food, we no longer focus only on its nutritional power, but we are increasingly looking for extra benefits through food. 

This article demonstrates how the phenolic compounds present in green coffee can help you achieve your weight goal. 

What is green coffee?

Coffee is naturally green, but it is subjected to a roasting process to be marketed and improve aspects of its aroma and flavour. Green coffee is the type that is not roasted.

As we have said, the roasting process highlights specific characteristics of the final product and generates the loss of others, including phenolic compounds.

Phenolic compounds and their benefits. 

Phenolic compounds are highly complex and varied; there are more than 8000 different structures. They are usually known as tannins, lignans and flavonoids. 

One of the most important phenolic compounds is chlorogenic acids.  

Green coffee contains a high amount of chlorogenic acid, mainly because we avoid the roasted process.

Chlorogenic acids have several benefits for our organism: high antioxidant capacity, control blood glucose levels, are antibacterial and antiviral, among others.

Weight loss and green coffee consumption. 

Green coffee affects several aspects that help us with fat burning.

Thermogenic effect. 

Coffee consumption influences our metabolism by favouring thermogenesis, in which the body releases energy through heat, thanks to the oxidation of fatty acids.

Effect on glucose.

It was demonstrated in the laboratory that chlorogenic acids impact postprandial glucose, i.e. glucose after food intake, and considerably decrease blood lipid concentration.

In addition, it decreases the formation of fatty acids, changing the distribution of lipids in our body through the alteration of enzymes that regulate the lipid cycle. 

Green coffee intake reduces the accumulation of triglycerides, favouring fat loss. In turn, it declines the risk of suffering from diseases associated with obesity and overweight, such as diabetes.

Other health benefits. 

The benefits of phenolic compounds do not end there. They also prevent oxidative diseases such as some cancer types.

Thanks to its high antioxidant power, green coffee reduces the number of free radicals that cause the malfunction of many molecules in our bodies— affecting not only the internal processes of our body but also the aesthetic part. 

In addition to their antioxidant activity and impact on the lipid cycle, phenolic compounds have antimicrobial activity on some bacteria that can adversely affect us, such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica.

The consumption of green coffee benefits us in several ways: favouring thermogenesis, regulating blood glucose, especially after food intake, and promoting fat as an energy source. As if this were not enough, they reduce oxidation and have an antimicrobial effect. 

The recommended daily intake of caffeine per day is 400 mg. One dose of Giovegen SLIM has 200 mg of green coffee extract among many other fat burners: Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, green tea extract and bitter orange, raspberry ketones.   

What are you waiting for to take advantage of all the benefits of natural fat burners?