is it possible to achieve a healthy tan?

Summer is here and with it, the desire to show off a healthy, golden and luminous tan. Today we bring you several tips so you can achieve the desired color on your skin, without causing any damage.

UV radiation

They are composed of 2 types of radiation that have different spectra: long and short. Based on this, they interact with different cells and affect our skin in different ways:

UVB: They are responsible for the classic redness after an unhealthy exposure. They have a more superficial impact, they react with the cells of our epidermis.

UVA: These are the wavelengths that penetrate the deepest. Responsible for adverse solar reactions such as allergies. They will also be responsible for photoaging against prolonged unhealthy sun exposure.

They react with the cells of our epidermis and also with the fibroblasts found in the dermis, that is, a deeper layer.

How do UV rays affect our skin?

The sun is responsible for giving us that bath of light and tan to our skin.

UVA radiation penetrates the layers of the epidermis, where the melanocytes are found. Which are responsible for generating melanin, a brown pigment that gives us the tan color. In addition, they protect us from the potential damage of UV radiation.

An interesting fact is that all humans have the same amount of melanocytes, what varies between different skin tones is the production of melanin.

In order to be aware of the care we have to take when exposing ourselves to the sun, we must think that the production of melanin is a defense effect of our own body against the damage caused by UV radiation in our skin cells. .

When we are exposed to the sun, the cells oxidize more, increasing the amount of free radicals. This directly affects the functionality of collagen and elastin, while favoring the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

Is there healthy sun exposure?

Yes, and it is important to differentiate the impact on our body. A healthy sun exposure stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D, promotes blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and improves mood.

Unhealthy sun exposure causes dark spots, photoaging, allergies and favors the appearance of skin cancer.

Tips to achieve a healthy tan.


Sunscreens reflect UV light and have chemical filters that absorb that light so it doesn’t burn your skin. The blocking power that each sunscreen has will be represented by the FPS: the higher it is, the greater the protection power it provides and, therefore, the more we can expose ourselves to the sun without damaging our skin.

A study revealed that 71% of adults usually use some type of protection against the sun (umbrella, t-shirt, sunscreen, etc.), however only 1/3 chose UV protection greater than 30 FPS.

It is recommended to use at least SPF 30 as it protects us from 96% of UVB radiation.

The protector should be applied 30 minutes before exposure and touched up every two hours.

We should always use sunscreen, skin cancer is caused by overexposure to UV radiation.

Avoid these times.

It is necessary to avoid sunbathing when the radiation is strong, especially in the summer months and during the hours when the rays hit with greater intensity: 12 – 16 pm.

Visit your dermatologist.

Remember at least once a year to visit your dermatologist to check moles and blemishes.

carotenoid intake.

They are pigments found in plants in different concentrations. They have several benefits: they act as antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals and considerably reducing photoaging, favoring the stability of collagen and elastin in our skin.

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Remember that, in the face of high temperatures, you must stay hydrated: dissolve the product in warm water, complete with cold water and ice to refresh yourself every day!

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